Rocks and Reflections: Riverton’s Sunset Magic

Oil / 76 x 50.5 cm / Canvas

As I make my way back from Milford Sound in Te Anau, I am drawn to the charming fishing town of Riverton, just a 30-minute drive from Invercargill. This town holds a special place in my heart, especially during the enchanting evening hours when the sun sets over its picturesque shores.

Recently, I completed an oil painting that captures the essence of this tranquil fishing town. The backdrop features a multitude of fishing boats gently swaying in the tide as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the landscape. The incoming tide adds a sense of movement and life to the scene.

What truly made this painting unique were the colorful, petite rocks that adorned the shoreline, providing a captivating foreground for my canvas. With delicate brush strokes and a keen eye for detail, I’ve managed to bring this serene moment to life on my canvas.

This painting is just one of several in my collection that seeks to preserve the beauty and serenity of Riverton, especially during those magical sunset hours when the town truly comes alive with its natural charm. (eof)

Sunset’s Embrace at Lake Tekapo

Oil Painting on Canvas – 101.5 x 76 cm

In the tranquil embrace of Lake Tekapo, I embarked on a heartfelt journey through my oil painting. This scene, a serene sunset, was not an extravagant display of colors but rather a subtle and poignant moment. The sun, a timid guest behind the veil of enchanting clouds, painted the sky with delicate hues, evoking a profound emotional response within me.

As I stood there, time seemed to blur, and I contemplated the possibility that this place might serve as a portal to another realm, a bridge to the next life. A profound sense of awe washed over me, and I lingered for hours until the darkness enveloped the landscape, cherishing every passing moment.

The golden grasses, caressed by the gentle touch of the waning sunlight, whispered secrets of the earth’s eternal beauty. The small island nestled in the heart of Lake Tekapo mirrored the heavens above, creating a perfect tableau for my oil painting.

This place, a cherished sanctuary I visit often, ignites a longing within me, a desire to make it my home if circumstances allow. “Sunset’s Embrace at Lake Tekapo” captures not only the visual beauty of this remarkable locale but also the deep, emotional connection I feel for this enchanting slice of nature. (eof)

A Road to Contemplation: Tekapo’s Stillness

Oil Painting – 87.5 x 58 cm

This oil painting captures the serene beauty of a remote spot near Tekapo Lake, where the road stretches endlessly without a trace of pavement, and the solitude is palpable. As I ventured through this desolate landscape in my car, I found myself completely alone, surrounded by the vivid blue sky and ever-shifting clouds. The image is imbued with a sense of quietude, with only a charming puddle on the unpaved road serving as a reminder of the natural world’s gentle presence.

In this tranquil setting, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a verse from the Khaggavisana Sutta: A Rhinoceros, which speaks of renouncing violence and the allure of solitude. The line “Go Alone Like A Rhinoceros’ Horn” resonated deeply with my experience as I wandered through this untouched landscape, free from the distractions of modern life. The painting captures the essence of solitude and the beauty of a solitary journey, encouraging us to embrace moments of quiet contemplation and self-discovery.

Renouncing violence
for all living beings,
harming not even a one,
you would not wish for offspring,
so how a companion?
Wander alone
like a rhinoceros.

For a sociable person
there are allurements;
on the heels of allurement, this pain.
Seeing allurement’s drawback,
wander alone
like a rhinoceros.

One whose mind
is enmeshed in sympathy
for friends & companions,
neglects the true goal.
Seeing this danger in intimacy,
wander alone
like a rhinoceros.

– from Khaggavisana Sutta: A Rhinoceros